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Creatine hydrochloride
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English name: Creatine HCL

English alias: CREATINE HYDROCHLORIDE; Glycine, N- (aminoiminomethyl) -N-methyl-, monohydrochloride EINECS

Formula: C4H10CLN3O2

Molecular Weight 167.5941

Characters: white crystalline powder.

Applications: fatigue recovery agent, widely used in food & beverage additives [1]

[Characters] white crystalline powder.

[Inspection] Loss on drying, the product is dried at 105 ℃ for 4 hours, weight loss should not be more than 1.0% (inspected or measured according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2000 Part II Appendix).

Residue on ignition: not more than 0.1%.

Heavy metals: not more than ten ppm.

Content of hydrochloric acid (HCl): 0.3g of the product is taken, and dissolved with boiling cold water 50ml. the solution is added with 2-3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator, and the added with sodium hydroxide titration solution (0.1mol / L) until the solution becomes pink color. Each 1ml of sodium hydroxide (0.1mol / L) is equivalent to 3.646mg HCl. HCl content is not less than 21.0%.

Creatinine: not more than 5.0% (internal control items under HPLC method).

[Assaying] about 0.1g of the product is taken by precision weighing, dissolved with 1ml anhydrous formic acid, then added with 15ml ice acetic acid, 3ml mercuric acetate test solution as well as 1-2 drops of crystal violet indicator. The solution is added with perchloric acid titration solution ( 0.1mol / L) until the solution becomes pure blue (or greenish blue); the titration results are corrected with blank test, each 1ml of perchloric acid solution (0.1mol / L) is equivalent to 16.76mg C4H9N3O2 • HCl.

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