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Trimethylamine oxide
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[Chemical name] trimethylamine oxide

[English name] Trimetlylamine oxide

[Abbreviation] TMAO

Industrial trimethylamine oxide is divided into trimethylamine oxide dihydrate and anhydrous trimethylamine oxide:

Trimethylamine oxide dihydrate, CAS: 62637-93-8, molecular formula: C3H13NO3, molecular weight: 111.14.

Anhydrous trimethylamine oxide, CAS: 1184-78-7, molecular formula: C3H9NO, molecular weight: 75.11.

Physical properties of trimethylamine oxide

Trimethylamine oxide dihydrate is needle transparent crystals, melting points of dihydrate: 93 ~ 95 ℃, soluble in water (45.4 g / 100ml), methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, benzene, diethyl ether; its solution is strongly alkaline, and reacts with acids to form crystalline salts.

Trimethylamine oxide dihydrate can be dried with the solvent method. Dissolve trimethylamine oxide dihydrate in DMF, heat to bp, and then prepare anhydrous trimethylamine oxide after the solvent is evaporated to dryness.

Anhydrous trimethylamine oxide is white crystal, mp: 220 ~ 222 ℃, soluble in benzene, tetrahydrofuran. Its solubility in absolute ethanol is greater than 0.5%.

Trimethylamine oxide dihydrate and anhydrous trimethylamine oxide are hygroscopic, therefore they should be placed in a dry environment for sealed storage.

Product Applications

Feed additives

Trimethylamine oxide is a natural and safe feed additive, with broad prospects in animal husbandry. The main features are as follows:

1. Promote growth of muscle tissue by promoting the proliferation of muscle cells
2. Increase the volume of bile and reduce fat deposition
3. Promote aquatic osmoregulation
4. Stabilize protein structure
5. Improve feed conversion rate
6. Increase lean meat ratio (by reducing ketone fat content)
7. Special flavor and refreshing sweetness, attractant effect in feeding:

Dosage and administration

As for shrimp, sea fish, eels, turtles, add 1 ~ 2kg each ton of complete formula feed
As for shrimp, freshwater fish: 1 ~ 1.5kg each ton of complete formula feed

Detergent additives

Trimethylamine oxide has a structure of quaternary ammonium salt, with characteristics of surfactants, which is used as washing detergent additives, without damages to hands, with  bleaching effect. Currently it is widely used in detergent formulations abroad.

Weak oxidant

As a weak oxidant, trimethylamine oxide is used in synthesis of aldehydes in chemical reactions, oxidation of organic borane, and release of organic ligand from the iron carbonyl compounds.

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